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Details Guitar-Technique-Builders-Tapping-Guitar-Technique-Builders-Series


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Details Modern-Techniques-in-Applied-Molecular-Spectroscopy-Techniques-in-Analytical-Chemistry-Series

Modern Techniques in Applied Molecular Spectroscopy Molecular spectroscopy encompasses an array of analytical techniques used to analyze chemicals, pharmaceutical compounds, polymers and rubbers, metals, foods and beverages, pigment products ...

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Details Oboe-Technique

Oboe Technique Rothwell shares his endless talent and experience in this third edition of Oboe Technique. Full description

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Details Microwave-Techniques-and-Protocols-None

Microwave Techniques and Protocols Presents time-saving microwave techniques for processing biological samples for evaluation by different microscopic methods. This work provides reproducible protocols including both classic methods and techniques ...

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Details Essential-Bass-Technique-2Nd-Edition-Bgtr

Description Essential Bass Technique 2nd Edition The definitive technique manual for bass guitar.

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Details Easy-How-To-Techniques-for-Simply-Stylish-18-Dolls-7-Adorable-Outfits-7-Timeless-Techniques

This exciting new book is a practical guide to teach you indispensable knitting techniques that you can apply to 18 inch doll clothes. You will find a collections of outfits that are easy and quick to make. You'll find 7 complete technique lessons ...

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Details Couture-Sewing-Techniques

Couture Sewing Techniques. If you can sew; you can sew Couture. Very few techniques are difficult; but they do require time and patience. This book describes couture techniques as practiced by the ateliers of the haute couture! The first five chapters ...

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Details Practical-Cell-Culture-Techniques-Neuromethods

Practical Cell Culture Techniques This text focuses on the advantages of new tissue culture techniques that enable close and detailed study of many nerve cell types. Topics covered include: cell culture techniques specifically designed for the novice ...

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Details Basics-of-Missile-Guidance-and-Space-Techniques-Vol-1

Basics of Missile Guidance and Space Techniques, Vol. 1 This volume covers guidanec techniques, control and guidance, radio and radar command, guide beam, doppler and homing techniques, gryoscopic fundamentals, inertial and celestial navigation ...